A reliable company to deal with…

Northampton Computer Services are a great company to work with. When we first ordered and received our systems we initially thought we had a problem. NCS were very friendly and professional and happy to explain the issues carefully – it was something we did! We have now found their prices to be competitive, delivery fast and undertaken work to be always outstanding. A reliable, professional and straight forward company to deal with – many thanks!

A reliable company to deal with…

They say you find out the quality of suppliers in bad times, not good. This was certainly the case with NCS. Our systems had numerous problems and we were floundering. When NCS entered we were immediately put more at ease – they had an objective outside view, avoided being drawn into our own panic and then gave us expert advice to solve the various issues. They also provided significant help on implementation and we soon were back on track with some important lessons learnt for the future. I can’t recommend NCS highly enough and they are a very valued partner in our business today. – A Bartlett, AOne
NCS put us at ease!

A brilliant and painless services – Gary Hunter, Magnolia Air, Essex
Painless Service

Excellent communication. I will definitely being doing business with NCS again – David Howe, Bedford
Excellent Communication

Great service from NCS – Mark Butcher, EdgeFine Ltd, Rugby
Great Service…

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