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Let us create well designed, user friendly databases.

hatever purpose, can empower your company. But if this data is inaccessible or unusable, it is worthless. Why try to change your business processes to fit off the shelf non-customisable software? Make life easier and your business more profitable with a bespoke database development. Professionally designed databases will let you work with the data in whatever way you want, making it easy and straightforward.

At Northampton Computer Services we have many years of experience working with database technologies so we can offer professional and expert database design services. We will start by consulting with you to understand your needs, the data involved and your future needs so that we can plan a usable and scalable database. Our solution will take your users into account by having a friendly interface that is easy to understand, and we will test it prior to completion to ensure it is robust and fit for purpose.

We are able to help our clients achieve their potential by providing them with the right tools with intelligent, fast and reliable databases and to organize and rationalize their data with custom developed database. Built on industry-leading open source technologies such as Microsoft Access, MS SQL and Oracle, our database development services will allow your business to centralize data on or off the web. Your business will profit from amplified accessibility, improved security, and automated backups for peace of mind.

As we are based in Northampton, we offer database design services to companies in the local area, including Milton Keynes, Corby, Kettering, Market Harborough and Rugby, partnering closely with you to help you achieve your goals.

We also offer a range of extra services, so can assist you with any relevant hardware needed to complete your database project, as well as IT support, software, PC and Server hardware, remote access solutions and full network installations and on-site maintenance plans. We can supply and install your database server and fully configure it for your needs including a reliable and secure backup of all your data.

Contact Northampton Computer Services regarding database design, and one of our team will talk over your needs with you.

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