Disaster Remote Backup

Protect your system so that if disaster strikes your site you know your data is safe.

Why do I need remote disaster recovery planning?

Your business is too important to stop running. Keep your data safe off-site for fast recovery should disaster strike.

Can you be sure that your site is safe from disasters? What would happen to your network, servers and storage in the event of a fire, or flood or other such calamity?

Remote disaster recovery planning makes sure that your system is backed up off-site, so that if your business is unlucky enough to suffer a disaster, all your business critical functions are still available.

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a disaster, the impact on your business can be frightening. You will have many things to worry about in order to limit the damage, so making sure that you have an IT backup solution in place and an IT partner recovering your system for you will make the process significantly easier.

A remote disaster recover will backup your IT to the cloud or another location, so that should your network fail you have a replication off-site and can recover everything you need. Our disaster recovery planning will give you

Fast system recovery
IT cloud backup
Control and peace of mind

For businesses based in Northampton, Milton Keynes, Corby, Kettering, Market Harborough, Rugby and the surrounding area, working with a local IT services company for remote disaster recovery has many advantages.

Based in Northampton, NCS will be able to respond quickly to your needs, and our location close to you means you will receive a more personal and professional service as we can spend time getting to know your business and working closely with you to find the best backup solution.

Contact Northampton Computer Services today to discuss remote disaster recovery planning options, and an experienced Account Manager will get to know you and talk you through our process.

Key Aspects of Remote Disaster Recovery Planning from NCS

Implement robust IT business cloud backup solutions.
Work closely with companies in Northampton, Milton Keynes, Corby, Kettering, Rugby and Market Harborough to understand and accommodate your needs.
Minimise data loss and ensure that you can recover data in the event of a disaster, within an appropriate timeframe.
Support you and ensure that any staff involved are suitably trained.
Assist you with any wider security, network or other IT issues to keep your business on track.

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