Remote Access Solutions

Mobilise your staff and see how far your business can go.

Why do I need remote access solutions?

The business world is 24/7. Remote access solutions means your business never has to stop.

Remote working is now a common part of business life. Perhaps you have sales people who frequently travel to pitch and present to clients, or consultants who work on site at client locations. Perhaps you have external partners or contractual staff who could benefit from being able to access your system without having to come onsite. Or maybe you just wish to offer you staff the flexibility to work from home or the potential to keep working should a disaster strike.

Remote access solutions will solve these problems and give your business more scope and opportunity.

We know that as staff start to use mobile devices for applications such as emails, or start wishing to access servers from remote locations, all sorts of security and practicality issues arise. Should you allow employees to use their own devices? What levels of password protection and security are needed? What is the best way for people to access your system remotely?

VPNs (virtual private networks) are secure networks which can be accessed remotely using passwords and protected internet pathways. They give you great control over who can access your system and empower staff by letting them quickly retrieve data while on the move with nothing more than a web browser.

Our remote access solutions offer increased potential without the need for investment in expensive servers. If you have off-site data backup solutions in place remote access for your IT team can be of great benefit, and the ability to work remotely can be very useful in the event of a disaster at your site, or if staff cannot get into work.

Secure remote access solutions
User settings to give you control
Empowered staff who have greater mobile options
Control and peace of mind

If you are based in Northampton, Milton Keynes, Corby, Kettering, Market Harborough, Rugby and the surrounding area, we are a natural choice for your remote access needs. A local company like NCS can provide a personal and comprehensive service, empowering your business by getting to know you and offering tailored solutions. As we are local to you, will are able to respond quickly should the need arise and can advise on a range of IT issues.

Contact Northampton Computer Services today to discuss remote access solutions, and an experienced Account Manager will get to know you and talk you through our process.

Key Aspects of Remote Access Solutions from NCS

Implement secure and easy to use solutions.
We work closely with companies in Northampton, Milton Keynes, Corby, Kettering, Rugby and Market Harborough to understand your particular access needs.
Make sure that your access solution fits in with your network and advise on any hardware issues or wider IT needs.
Support you and ensure that any staff involved are suitably trained.

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